Best mining strategy minecraft

best mining strategy minecraft

When I'm not exploring fresh caves or lands in minecraft, I'm busy trying to find What is the optimal mining strategy that yields the most rare. In this episode of Minecraft I talk a bit about the most efficient .. is the best strategy for tools is a. How to Find and Mine Diamonds Fast on Minecraft. This wikiHow teaches you The best elevation to look for diamonds is about y = I usually go strip mining.


Branch Mining Vs. Strip Mining - Minecraft Tips and Tricks

Best mining strategy minecraft - GameTwist

This is way superior to other methods for late game, nice post! Repeat, adding torches at every step. Tips Make sure you save often if you're using a computer or the PE version of Minecraft. Strip mine, and don't touch any diamond ore until you have a Fortune pick, it's just a waste to not capitalise on ore the best you can. I've got half a stack of diamond blocks after a few hours of mining this way. The latter is more efficient as all of it will eventually lead to the bottom and therefore be mining ore. You will pass over the ascent shaft, fall into the descent shaft, and land in the water pit. best mining strategy minecraft

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